Great for Groups: Sterling Vineyards

Great for Groups: Sterling Vineyards

Taking large groups through Napa Valley is a challenge. You need ample space, accommodating staff, and an experience that pleases everyone from wine enthusiasts to selfie-snapping tourists. At The Wine Daily, we’ve made countless trips through Napa with parties of up to fifty people. Sterling Vineyards stands out as one of the few wineries that offers an exceptional group experience. Here’s why:

Unique Wine Tasting Experience
Tasting at Sterling Vineyards is a refreshing change from the typical winery experience. Guests embark on a self-guided tour of the winemaking process, with multiple stops for wine along the way. Stepping off the gondola, you’ll be greeted with light, crisp Sauvignon Blanc — an especially refreshing first sip during the heat of a Napa summer. Then, you’ll amble into cooler areas of the winery, which are perfect for sampling reds. Merlot is poured next to the tanks where it is fermented, and Cabernet Sauvignon is served near the barrels where it is aged.

Merlot tasting area at Sterling Vineyards

An added bonus of the self-guided tour is that it dissipates traffic. Unlike the typical crowded tasting room, at Sterling Vineyards, guests are spread out through multiple pouring stations. Wine enthusiasts can upgrade to the Platinum Experience, $75, to sample Sterling Vineyards’ critically acclaimed reserve wines.

Sterling Vineyards isn’t just for wine enthusiasts — it’s also family-friendly. Babies and children are welcomed in the tasting areas and gondola ride. While strollers are not allowed up the gondolas, you can actually borrow a stroller from the winery at the top (Note: For babies, we recommend bringing a baby carrier. The winery strollers only fit toddlers).

Thoughtful Hospitality
Part of what makes large group visits possible at Sterling Vineyards is the service and attention they receive. It begins with the events team, which is skilled at handling large parties. The staff works with you personally to build a custom itinerary. You can add lunch to a tasting, sample reserve wines, or even enjoy food pairings crafted by the culinary team. Last-minute headcount or itinerary changes? The staff is patient and accommodating — especially important for large groups.

Upon arrival, the winery is designed to smoothly service high volumes of people. A check-in window expedites entry, and multiple staff members efficiently handle the queue for the gondola ride to the winery. On a crowded Sunday afternoon, we brought fifty people up to the winery via gondola in just thirty minutes.

Seating at the winery is limited, so we recommend groups of 15 or more opt for the Diamond Mountain Ranch Terrace experience, which gives access to a private, shaded patio and additional tastings. On hot days (which happen quite often in Napa), staff considerately set out misting fans to keep the area extra cool.

The view from the Sterling Vineyards terrace

Scenic Views
For the out-of-towners in your group, Sterling Vineyards offers more than just wine. It’s a place to truly soak in the beauty of Napa Valley. First, there’s the scenic gondola ride to reach the winery. Then, at the top, guests can enjoy their wine from a terrace overlooking this panorama. It’s no wonder guests can be found constantly taking photos and selfies at Sterling Vineyards — the view is simply spectacular.

With its scenic vistas and thoughtfully planned winery experience, Sterling Vineyards makes a memorable destination for any group. Learn more at sterling

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