Get Free Gin for Life if You Make It to This Pop-up Bar

Get Free Gin for Life if You Make It to This Pop-up Bar


Pop-up bars are exploding in popularity these days, celebrating everything from pop culture phenomenons to childhood nostalgia. But a pop-up bar with free gin? Count us in.
If we can get there, that is. Finnish arctic blue gin announced its opening the northernmost pop-up bar ever. Arctic bar will open on april 17 for one day only—at the north pole. Yes, the actual north pole.
Anyone who shows up at n90°e0° will be awarded a lifetime supply of arctic blue gin.

“to survive here, you need to be a little mad and quite a lot tougher, just like the wild bilberries we season our gin with that fight their way through the frozen earth just to survive. It’s not easy, but you can truly taste their zest for life,” said mikko spoof, the co-founder and brand director of arctic brand group, in a statement.

The company will also be filming a short documentary on the effects of global warming. It will even be accompanied by an experienced polar expert.

Better start digging back out that winter gear.

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