German Truck Spills Thousands of Beer Bottles Onto Road

German Truck Spills Thousands of Beer Bottles Onto Road

More than 500 cases of beer bottles spilled onto the German autobahn and caused thousands of euros of damage when a truck driver tried to exit a roundabout.


The truck was driving through southwest Germany on Friday evening, carrying 1280 boxes of beer, reports the Independent. At 19.30pm the driver was traveling near Leutershausen, Bavaria when he approached a roundabout. The load was not secured properly and slipped off the semi-trailer when the driver tried to exit.

Mannheim police, volunteer firefighters, and a local civil defense team attended the scene as part of a salvage operation. As a result, a blockade and diversion were in place for six hours. Twenty-nine workers were required to clear the accident however, local news outlets report that there were only minor traffic disturbances.

The driver lost 40% of the cargo, worth around €12,000. The truck damage is said to amount to €30,000.

Local police said that the 53-year-old truck driver will now be investigated for breaching sufficient standards in securing his cargo.

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