Free Bus Branding for Vendors | Powered by Saharan Distillers

Free Bus Branding for Vendors | Powered by Saharan Distillers

Saharan Distillers is offering free bus branding to vendors (event planner, food vendors, drink vendors) and other vehicle owners who feel the need for their buses to be branded.

All you need to do is bring your vehicle and Saharan Distillers will brand your bus for FREE!!

Benefits include:

  • Free Bus Branding with your design
  • Co-Branding with popular Dominio Wine Brand
  • Non-exclusivity as to carriage of goods
  • Brand mention on all our communication materials and advertisement platforms

And that’s not all, you also stand a chance of getting:

  • Heavily discounted prices on all products
  • Stock delivery to the venue of any of your approved events
  • A Dominio Del Rey Bar, for welcome drinks and cocktail services throughout the event
  • Management of drinks stock
  • Personalized Dominio Del Rey wine bottles
  • Professional servers and hostesses (event will determine number)
  • Drinks support
  • Photo & Video content.

What Are You Waiting For! 


Give them a call on 09073015549 / 09070362659 or send an email to

*Terms & Conditions Apply.


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