Eight Great Old Fashioned Recipe Riffs

Eight Great Old Fashioned Recipe Riffs

The Old Fashioned is one of the world’s oldest and most beloved whiskey cocktails. It’s also one of the simplest. A standard Old Fashioned combines bourbon or rye whiskey with Angostura bitters and Demerara syrup. Despite its name, the Old Fashioned can be easily modified to meet a variety of flavor preferences or tweaked to include a different spirit.

Here are eight of our favorite ways to make an old favorite new again

Caribbean Old Fashioned Recipe

Two types of rum star in this Caribbean-inspired recipe. Mix aged rum and white rum with Demerara syrup and tropical bitters for a light and citrusy drink ideal for summertime sipping.

Orange Old Fashioned Recipe

This playful take on the classic Old Fashioned combines rye, orange bitters, and Grand Marnier for a spicy concoction with an extra hit of citrus.

Toasted Marshmallow Old Fashioned Recipe

This Scotch-based Old Fashioned riff will have you coming back for s’ more. The mixture of homemade marshmallow syrup, aromatic bitters, and Scotch makes for a smoky and sweet cocktail ideal for fireside lounging. Garnish with a toasted marshmallow for an extra-festive presentation.

Old-fashioned Summer Recipe

This Old Fashioned variation is practically made for day drinking. This recipe subs whiskey for the port, making for a light sipper ideal for warm weather. To make this low-ABV cocktail, combine rosé port with triple sec and honeysuckle simple syrup.

Walnut and Maple Old Fashioned Recipe

You’ll go nuts for this Thanksgiving-inspired drink. The combination of bourbon, maple syrup, and walnut bitters makes for a boozy yet balanced drink with flavors that showcase bourbon’s sweet and spicy notes.

The Ancient Old Fashioned

If you want to get extra fancy, this drink is for you: Bourbon is fat-washed with sesame oil, then mixed with Hennessy Black, Benedictine, and bitters for an unforgettable drink. We especially like it with sesame chicken.

Buttered Pecan Old Fashioned Recipe

This ice cream-inspired treat is alcohol-forward enough to please your adult palate. Bourbon, buttered pecan simple syrup, and aromatic bitters are mixed into decadent bliss.

Calvados Old Fashioned Recipe

Delicate apple flavors star in this recipe. Apple brandy and honey give this cocktail its sweetness, which is balanced with aromatic bitters. Garnish with apple slices for a crispy, autumnal sipper.

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