Cotswolds Conker Spirit Launches a Decaf Cold Coffee Liqueur

Cotswolds Conker Spirit Launches a Decaf Cold Coffee Liqueur

Conker Decaf Cold Brew Liqueur has been two years in the making and is made from specialty coffees from Brazil and Columbia.

The team at Dorset-based Conker Spirit launched a Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur back in 2016. The aim of producing a decaf version is for it to stand ‘tall next to its caffeinated cousin. No compromises in taste, no compromises in quality, and no compromise inexperience,’ said the company’s founder Rupert Holloway.

Conker Decaf Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is decaffeinated in Germany using a highly technological process involving carbon dioxide to ensure the aromas in the coffee are preserved while the caffeine is removed.

It is said to be sweet and well-balanced with notes of orange and grape. Shake 70ml together with 30ml water and ice for a decaf espresso martini.

‘It’s been a long process to get to this point but we’re delighted to launch and are confident its robust character, depth of flavor, ease of use and sleep benefits will make it a huge hit for those who love an Espresso Martini but don’t want to be up all night,’ Holloway said.

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