Cap Gin launched for World Gin Day

Cap Gin launched for World Gin Day

The London Dry Gin is made in France with botanicals sourced in Provence.

Cap Gin is made with nine botanicals, including local mimosa flowers, rose and Fleur d’Oranger and was created in collaboration with Dr. David Clutton, aka Dr. Gin, for his expertise in producing some of the world’s most prestigious and successful gins

Dr. Clutton said: ‘Cap Gin is built on a solid foundation of premium quality juniper berries, it encapsulates the true essence of the French Riviera’s hills and coastal fringes.

‘With citrus elements derived from lemon and sweet orange peels, the sensational combination of aromatic Fleur d’Oranger buds and mimosa flowers delivers a complex and elegant, yet perfectly balanced gin, of superior quality. Soft floral notes combine with the piney freshness of juniper to create a stunning and contemporary gin.’

The makers recommend using the gin in classic cocktails such as a Martini, Negroni, or French 75 and claim it is the ‘perfect choice’ for a Gin & Tonic.

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