Bursting Bubbles: How To Drink Chandon Délice

Bursting Bubbles: How To Drink Chandon Délice

We need practically no real motivation to sip on a glass of wine. However, when Chandon recently released it’s lightly pleasant new Délice bottle across India’s cities this summer, we had a real reason to drink. The wine was developed by Chandon at their Dindori vineyard outside Nashik, just in time for a summer release.

It’s light, playful interpretation of the Chandon style of winemaking has produced a semi-sweet, refreshing drink that makes an excellent drink to beat the summer. We had a chat with Rohan Jelkie, brand ambassador for Moët Hennessy about how to drink this wine, and what food to pair it with.

How would you describe the tasting notes of Chandon Délice  in comparison to the Brut and Rosé?
The Chandon Brut is an elegant expression of the Chandon style with a fresh bouquet of citrus blossom, green apple and hints of tropical fruit and vanilla. While the Chandon Rosé, is a sophisticated and delicate expression of Chandon. Intense aromas of ripe cherries, red fruits and soft grapefruit lead to a rich, creamy, persistent finish.

Compared to these, the Chandon Délice is the fresh and relaxed expression of Chandon. It has intense aromas of white flowers, accompanied by citrus and tropical fruit. Very fruity with freshness from start to finish, on the palate.

What sort of food flavour profiles would Chandon Délice pair well with?
Indian food, Délice pairs really well with Indian food. Usually, spicy food tends to kill the bubbles but Chandon Délice has been created for the palate that likes the typical spices. Of course, the limit of the spices should be from low to medium. Apart from this, you could pair Délice with anything that you like.

The delicate, sweet flavours of the Délice contrast gently with lemongrass.

Which international and Indian foods pair well with Chandon Délice?
The wine would pair just as well Braised Spicy Pork Belly as with Vada Pao, Prawns Koliwada, or Rajma Galwati on a saffron scented Sheermal. Other dishes that would work well in complementing the flaovurs are Chicken 65, Liver pâté on Bread crisps, and Calcutta Style Vegetable Cutlets with a kasundi dip.

Is there a certain environment or time of day the Délice is designed for?
While it is versatile enough to be enjoyed at any time, I would personally think of an early evening, by the pool side or a flowering garden with friends. Perfect!

What’s the most outrageous food item you can imagine pairing Chandon Délice with successfully?
Vada Pao!

How do you prefer sipping on Délice?
I prefer drinking it on the rocks or glass with ice and a slice of orange, although it works as a chilled drink too.

Try the Délice with cucumber and mint if you're drinking it during the day.

Take us through the process of R&D for Chandon Délice, a sparkling wine specific to the Indian market.
The drink is the result of a lot of research and development. It was thought like a product with style Chandon (fruity, fresh and young) but with a greater tendency towards the tropical fruits, creamy in mouth and with a refreshing end. In its creation different cuts were proposed in which participated varieties like Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir of early and late harvests, elaborated in different zones and with different characteristics. Finally an assemblage was made up of Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay.

What cuisines work best with the drink?
Absolutely anything with a light to medium spicy flavour.

Is there a flavour profile that wouldn’t agree with the drink?
Anything that is overtly spicy.

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