Barware, Social Forestry, and the Ebony Muddler Story

Barware, Social Forestry, and the Ebony Muddler Story

We’ve made an Ebony Muddler.  

It’s perhaps the densest and most luxurious tool that’s ever been used to muddle mint. 

Ebony is so rare and expensive, that would be reason enough for some people to buy a luxury bar tool like this Muddler.  And look at it – it’s incredible!  

Just wait until you hold it in your hands…

But while we have a healthy appreciation for beautiful and extraordinary things, we didn’t just wake up one day and say, “what rare and protected wood species can we turn into a stick to make drinks with?” In fact, we didn’t even ask ourselves that question at all. We already made a beautiful hardwood muddler from sustainably harvested Canadian Maple.

So how did we end up with this incredible tool?  The story might surprise you….

Ok, so if you just watched that video, and if you care about trees, the forest, and our role as stewards of this earth, you might be a little more excited about this tool.

We have a chance to support a business that is actually making REAL CHANGE in sustainable forestry initiatives, is paying a fair and living wage to workers, and is making sure that nothing goes to waste.

We’re currently funding a Kickstarter Project to make a Mixing Glass and this Ebony Muddler, using ebony that can’t be used in guitar making, but deserve to have a second life.

To continue being a part of this (and to bring you new beautiful bar tools made from Ebony), we need your support.  Tell us you love this by becoming a backer on our Kickstarter Project.

This is a Muddler you can really get behind. This is a story that’s worth it.


Rachel Eva and Shawn Michael






Ebony wood is so dense, that it can be polished to a high-shine finish. That’s what we did. 



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