Amaretto Adriatico Liqueurs to Launch in Uk Exclusively With Sip and Savour

Amaretto Adriatico Liqueurs to Launch in Uk Exclusively With Sip and Savour

The handcrafted liqueurs from Puglia come in two expressions: Bianco Liqueur and Roasted Liqueur.

Made in small batches using organic almonds, both liqueurs will be distributed in the on- and off-trades via distributor Sip and Savour.

Amaretto Adriatico Bianco Liqueur (16% abv) is made using crushed organic almonds and is 100% natural with no preservatives or synthetic aromas, and claims to use 50% less sugar than other amaretto brands. The result is a creamy and sweet liquid.

Amaretto Adriatico Roasted Liqueur (28% abv) contains roasted and distilled almonds and a pinch of sea salt, resulting in cocoa, coffee and cinnamon notes.

Amaretto Sour

We have found a partner with a depth of experience and a singular portfolio of products that reflect our values,’ said Jean-Robert Bellanger, co-founder of Adriatico. ‘Working with Sip and Savour was an easy choice; they are dynamic and passionate like us and love our brand.

‘This seriously talented, driven team will pave the way for Adriatico to reinvent and reinvigorate the amaretto category. We believe that once tasted, Amaretto Adriatico will convert both amaretto and non-amaretto drinkers into Adriatico lovers.’

Sip and Savour, headed up by drinks marketer Jamie Walker, will be working on a global strategy to get the brand into both on- and off-trade locations in 12 countries.

Amaretto Adriatico is also developing special edition aged and cask bottlings which will be announced later this year.

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