A Mixing Glass and two Muddlers Walk into a Bar…

A Mixing Glass and two Muddlers Walk into a Bar…

If you’ve followed us on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve already gotten a sneak peak at some of the new tools we’re releasing this month.  If you’re not connected to us there, come on over and join the crowd!  We think we post some pretty pictures and have some fun banter on social media (because life shouldn’t be so serious!).  Sorry to you twitterers out there — we try, but it’s not quite as fun for us visual creative types. 

On to the goods already!

Mid-November we’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign to bring to life these beauties:

  • A Mixing Glass with an antique hammered glass finish ($35)
  • A streamlined, solid wood Maple Muddler with no stains or flaking varnishes ($15)
  • A specialty Ebony Muddler with handle, and a great story behind it ($55)

We’ve been working on a Mixing Glass design for most of this year, and are excited to finally have a production sample worth sharing.  We just received it from the factory the first week in November, and so far people that have used it have LOVED it!

Standard Spoon Maple Muddler

We have been making a few Maple Muddlers this year and they have also been really well received.  Most of the ones we’ve made so far we tested with our current retailers, and since people have been buying them, we’ve decided to move them into the next stage of manufacturing with mass production, which will create greater efficiencies for us.

AND – we also have EBONY!

Standard Spoon Ebony Muddler (5 of 13).jpg

A few months ago, we were having some conversations about ebony wood with Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars.  He owns part of a company that has permission to harvest the last legal ebony on the planet in Cameroon. The ebony story we have to tell is pretty incredible, and we’ll be adding a blog post about that soon. To make a long story short (for now), we’ve developed an ebony muddler using sustainably harvested ebony. The wood we’re using can’t otherwise be used in the music industry, which is the primary end consumer of this very valuable and limited wood resource.

Curious about the ebony story?  Check out this clip of Bob Taylor on the state of ebony to get your started, and look for our next blog post for more:


Holiday Delivery for Muddlers

The first 150 backers who order Maple Muddlers will receive them in time for Christmas!  Same with the Ebony Muddlers, although for now we can only guarantee 25 of those, so be sure to sign up to be notified of our launch to get first dibs.

Kickstarter Launch

We plan on launching the second week in November (trending for Wedneday, Nov 16th). We’ve got additional information about the Kickstarter, including product details, photos, and FAQ on our Kickstarter Page.


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