9 Best Sparkling Wines For Festive Season

9 Best Sparkling Wines For Festive Season

Sparkling wines such as Champagne, have always been the traditional drink to start off a celebration. The sound of the cork popping on a bottle of sparkling wine is often the signal to begin celebrating.

There is a reason why so many of us reach for a bottle of soda(Coke or Pepsi) when we are thirsty. The fizz really makes it a very refreshing experience to drink. Sparkling wine is no different.

Sparkling wines are also very easy to pair with food. Indeed, one could make the argument that you can drink sparkling wine with anything. As we move closer and closer to the festive season here are 9 sparkling wines you should be drinking with your families this season.

Martini Rose Sparkling Wine

Martini Sparkling Wine Rose 75Cl – Briton and Kay supermartket

Martini is the world’s No.1 Italian sparkling wine brand. Martini Rose is an elegant, salmon-pink sparkling rosé wine, from the Martini family. Martini Rose has an aromatic bouquet of rose, wild strawberry, and raspberry with a hint of black pepper. Martini Rose has a semi-sweet taste, with notes of fresh strawberry and a citrus finish. Martini Rose is a soft, fruity, and well-balanced wine.This unique blend of aromatic grapes, including Moscato and Ancillotta, is finely balanced by our Wine Master with a berry-rich acidity and a hint of orange zest.

Fresh and exuberant, its gentle berry sweetness, delicate floral notes, and citrus acidity make this an elegant spumante that works with aperitif or dessert.

Perfect for an alfresco meal or aperitif, the vibrant fruit notes of this wine can be elevated by the saltiness and acidity of seafood dishes. Marinated squid, steamed mussels, or even simple lemon-spritzed smoked salmon make a fine pairing.

Declan White Wine

Declan Rosé - 70cl (x6)

Declan sparkling white wine is incredibly juicy, very fruity, full-bodied rich taste. Declan sparkling white wine is easy-drinking, ripe berry, and jam. Declan wine is soft and smooth. Greatly enjoyed when chilled. This new wine has a perfect balance of sweetness. Declan sparkling white wine pairs well with lively foods and friends. Declan sparkling white wine combines its sophisticated taste perfectly with the playful fruity taste. If you’re all about the perfect combination of playful and edgy. Declan sparkling white wine is ideal for all celebrations, dining, and events.


CHAMDOR SPARKLING WINE – 750ml – Jendol Stores

Chamdor is an alcohol-free sparkling grape juice made from the highest quality grapes to give you the sweet wine flavors without the alcohol. It is smooth, sweet, and sensational also a refreshing drink that can be served on all types of occasions. Store in the fridge once opens serve chilled.

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Martinellis Sparkling Wine

Martinellis Sparkling White Wine - Stevenchuks

Martinellis sparkling rose wine will improve your memory. It’s good for your heart. Martinellis sparkling rose wine contained high levels of polyphenols – antioxidants found in red grapes but less intensely in white – that can lower blood pressure and prevent heart problems. It’ll improve your skin, Champagne detoxifies the skin with antioxidants, and lightening tartaric acid helps even out the skin tone. It contains fewer calories than wine.

Dominio Del Rey Wine Sparkling Rose

product_image_name-Dominio Del Rey-Rose Sparkling Wine 75cl-1


Dominio Del Rey Wine is rich and fruity in taste with a sweet tinge that comes with the full ripened grapes in the warm autumnal sunshine of the Spanish plateau. Dominio stands for Dominion and Royalty, Dominio Del Rey symbolizes exquisiteness. A delicate rose wine, with a subtle sweetness that pairs nicely with appetizers. The aroma of this beautiful wine adequately prepares you for its delicious taste.

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Andre Brut Sparkling Wine

Price of Andre Brut in Nigeria

Andre Brut a classic California brut champagne. This brut sparkling wine features a medium to dry blend of white wine grapes resulting in a fruity flavor somewhere between green apples and sweet lemons.
Brut can be used as a mixer in your favorite cocktail or served as a standalone solution to class up your own personal happy hour.
Andre Brut is the ultimate everyday luxury and this one won’t break your bank. The classics never go out of style. Like a finely tailored suit, you can’t go wrong with brut. It’s the perfect bubbly accessory.

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Frontera Sparkling Rose

Frontera Sparkling Rose in Kenya

Frontera Sparkling Rose is a wine that belongs to the Frontera family. Frontera Sparkling Rose is classified as a wine and belongs to the rose-wine subcategory.
Other wines in this family include Frontera sauvignon blanc, Frontera caberbet sauvignon, Frontera merlot, Frontera Chardonnay, Frontera cabernet blush, Frontera shiraz, Frontera after midnight, Frontera Sparkling Rose, Frontera Sparkling Moscato.
We are offering it at both wholesale and retail prices hence you can order Frontera Sparkling Rose wine for parties and other occasions.

Pure Heaven Sparkling

product_image_name-Pure Heaven-Non-alcoholic Wine-1

Pure heaven wine is made from the finest fruits to deliver you a fresh and healthy drink .This fruity non alcoholic wine is perfect for those who want to enjoy some bubbly but don’t want to get intoxicated by alcohol. It has a rich and refreshing taste that makes it a good choice for celebrations.

Pure heaven sparking wine is a health drink which taste great and contains red grape, ginseng, vitamin B3, B5 and B12. It contains no preservative and artificial colours.

Four Cousins FC Blush Sparkling

Four Cousins FC Blush Sparkling (1 x 750ml) | Carbonated Local Sparkling | Carbonated Local Sparkling | Sparkling | Wines | Beverages & Liquor | Makro Online Site

Four Cousins Sparkling Blush is a fun, fragrant sparkling wine made from Muscat d’Alexandrie (60% Red Muscadel, 40% Grape Juice). A mellow drink, this sparkling white wine is meticulously blended from white cultivars and grape juice. Four Cousins Sparkling Blush has a scintillating aroma that leaves you enchanted, absolutely enthralled, and longing for more.

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