8 of the Best Brands of Cognac to Drink 2020

8 of the Best Brands of Cognac to Drink 2020

The name cognac conjures up images of brown leather and crystal tumblers, exuding old-world luxury. And yet, it’s precisely that je ne sais quoi that keeps many of us from making it our nightcap of choice; the sense that we don’t know enough to truly appreciate the experience. But as cognac has started to break into the mainstream cocktail scene, it’s becoming more accessible to drinkers of all stripes, which makes now the perfect time to study up. Here’s a rundown on the most elegant bottles to add to your bar cart.

Hennessy Master Blender’s Selection No. 3

Hennessy is the number one selling cognac in the states, and while you certainly can’t go wrong with their classic bottles, if you’re really looking for something special, look no further than this limited edition, one of a kind bottling. For its 8th generation Hennessy Master Blender Renaud Fillioux de Gironde hand-selected every Eau de to vie, creating a particularly smooth, toasty cognac you’ll love to sip.

Rémy Martin XO

Blended from up to 400 Eaux-de-vie by Rémy Martin’s cellarmaster, this velvety blend hits a symphony of notes full of white flowers, juicy plums, candied oranges, hazelnuts, and freshly grated cinnamon.
Hine Antique XO Premier Cru Cognac

The earthy palate of this antique cognac is complimented by vanilla, green fruits, and spices. Aged for 20 years, this is a very special blend for the producer as it was created by Georges Hine in 1920.

Courvoisier XO Cognac

This master blend of cognac has been aged from 11-25 years, developing flavors of the iris flower, candied orange, and créme brûlée. As one of the top cognac houses in the world, this bottle of Courvoisier X.O. is a must-have for the sophisticated bar cart.

Martell XO

With over 300 years of cognac making under their belt, a bottle of Martell is sure to impress any cognac lover. And if that bottle happens to be their XO (aka Extra Old) with a spicy nose and lush dried fruit on the palate? Prepare for compliments on your excellent taste.

Pierre Ferrand Cognac Selection des Anges

Perfect for an avid cognac drinker who wants to mix things up, this mahogany blend hits on smells of jasmine tea, honeysuckle, chocolate, and curry. The plethora of scents and taste will stay with you through the drink’s long finish.

Kelt XO Cognac

A bouquet of floral, fruit, and wood notes provides an array of taste and aromas that give this cognac X.O. a warm and distinct finish that stays with the palate. The perfect pair with a cigar to bring out the subtle cigar box notes.

Louis XIII Cognac

A blend of the oldest, most elite, and cherished Eaux-de-vie at Rémy Martin to create Louis XIII. With a finish that lasts on the palate for more than an hour, a combination of florals, candied fruit, and spices emerge after the first sip until they expand into individual notes of passion fruit, ginger, roses, sandalwood, and honey. Named after King Louis XIII of France, the brand has stood synonymous with french culture since 1874. For those willing to pay a high amount of iconic collections of cognac, this is a chance to taste history.

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