5 Basic Facts About Wine

5 Basic Facts About Wine

In this post, we’ll be looking at the 5 basic facts about wine. What do you know about your favorite wine??, Not to worry we listed 5 most important facts you should know about your favorite wine bottle.

 Wine is made from fermented grapes

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These grapes are similar to table grapes but are much smaller and have thicker skins.

Some common examples are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot & Chardonnay.

The main types of wines are red, white, rosé, sparkling & fortified wines.

  • Red wines are made from red grapes
  • White wines are made from white grapes
  • Rosé wines are pink in color and are usually made from red grapes ( some new world rose wines are made by blending red and white grapes)
  • Sparkling wines contain carbon dioxide which makes them bubbly. A glass of sparkling wine can be red, white, or rose
  • Fortified wines are fortified with spirits such as Brandy. Examples of fortified wines are Sherry & Port

Red wine            White wine       Sparkling wine     Rosé wine      Port (Fortified wine)

Most wines are essentially named in two ways

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  • Based on the grapes used to produce them, these are called Varietal wines (for example Shiraz, Pinot noir)
  • Based on the region where they are produced (for example Bordeaux, Burgundy)

 Wines can be old world wines or new world wines

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Old world wines are from countries where winemaking originated like France, Spain, Italy & Portugal.

New world wines are produced in countries where winemaking was imported after the age of exploration. Examples are the United States, Australia, South Africa & Chile.


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Red wine is best served at room temperature (15-20°C); White and rosé wines are best served chilled (8-12°C): and Sparkling wine is best-served ice-cold (5-7°C)

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