Pomelo Mojito

2 1/2 ounces dark rum
club soda to finish
1 lime wedge
1 1/2 ounce freshly squeezed Pomelo juice
1 ounce freshly squeezed lime juice
1 teaspoon superfine sugar
edible flowers, for garnish, mint sprig (optional)10 fresh mint leaves


Step 1 add lime wedge and fresh mint into a cocktail shaker, muddle the mixture well with your muddler and muddle the mixuture well, break he mint leaves into smaller pieces.
Step 2 Add the Pomelo juice, lime juice and sugar. Continue to muddle until well mixed.
Step 3 Add the rum and a handful of ice. Shake vigorously for about 20 seconds.
Step 4 Pour into the desired serving glass with lots of ice. Top with club soda. Garnish with a fresh mint sprig and some edible flowers if you want to be fancy.

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