11 Frozen Cocktails to Try Right Now. With Recipes!

11 Frozen Cocktails to Try Right Now. With Recipes!

In the hottest days of summer, you need to step up your cocktail game to bring the temperature down. The best way to do that? With a frozen boozy concoction. Whether you want an extra chilly version of a classic or something totally new, we have the frozen cocktails you need to try right now. 


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The classic Margarita gets a spicy spin with this chilly concoction. The homemade spiced honeydew syrup can be made as hot as you’d like. When you’ve mixed a batch, keep it all summer to mix with tequila, triple sec, honeydew juice and lime juice whenever you’re in the mood to drink something that’s both sweet and spicy.

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Three ingredients and a lot of ice are all you need to make this refreshing drink. Simply blend absinthesimple syrup and mint extract with ice until smooth, then pour into highball glasses and garnish with star anise pods.

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While bourbon and cider might seem like a fall combination, they can be enjoyed in summer, too, when frozen and blended. Don’t believe us? Just try this combination of bourbon, cinnamon-vanilla syrup, lemon juice, apple cider, and ice. They’re perfect when blended and served in a Moscow Mule mug with an apple and cinnamon garnish.

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The New Orleans staple is even better when it’s frozen. This Sazerac variation combines rye whiskey, simple syrup, absinthe, lemon juice and Peychaud’s bitters with ice. It’s all blended until smooth, then served in an Old Fashioned glass and garnished with a lemon twist.

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Have your cocktail and eat it too with this modern treat. GinCampari, sweet vermouth, ruby red grapefruit juice, sugar, and water hang out in an ice cream maker until they’re a soft, frozen texture. Transfer to a container, freeze for a few hours, then scoop and enjoy.

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A cold beer in the summertime is pretty good, but a frozen beer cocktail that also has the flavors of an Aperol Spritz? There’s just no comparison. This concoction is made by blending summer ale with rosemary syrup and ice, which is then poured over more ice and topped with Aperol, a rosemary sprig and a lime wheel.

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This recipe makes four servings at once, so it’s ideal for backyard barbecues with friends. Even better, it’s pretty easy to make. Just mix rumFernet-Branca, lemon and lime juice, lemon bitters and water in a freezer bag, then freeze for a few hours until it’s all a slushy consistency.

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Your favorite wine cocktail gets a cool berry-kissed makeover with this variation. Blend Drambuie, triple sec, chardonnay, orange and lime juice, honey, frozen berries, and cherry bitters until smooth and fruity. Serve with brunch for a summery treat or as a sweet afternoon sipper.

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What happens when you throw a Mojito in a blender? Pure icy deliciousness. See for yourself with this recipe, which combines mint syrup, light rum, lime juice and crushed ice in a smoothie-like consistency that’s ideal for the hottest days (or nights). 

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Bacon may not be the first garnish you think of when you’re prepping frozen cocktails, but hear us out: The crispy, salty strips are absolutely necessary in this whiskey cocktail. Bourbon, ginger ale, Dolin Dry Vermouth de Chambéry and maple-flavored whiskey are wonderful together and just begging for a porky garnish.

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If you like Piña Coladas, you’ll love this. The classic combination of rum, cream of coconut, pineapple juice, and coconut milk gets a new twist thanks to the addition of Fernet-Valletliqueur. The resulting cocktail has underlying menthol and herbal notes that offset the creaminess just enough to make it completely irresistible. 

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