10 Brilliant Rosés for Under 5000 Naira

10 Brilliant Rosés for Under 5000 Naira

We round up 10 brilliant, bargain rosés following the UK’s largest professional tasting of pink wines for this year’s Global Rosé Masters.

Although the competition features rosés from all price points, including fine pink wines over £50 as part of the expanding luxury rosé sector, the following selection is focused on the bargains available on the market right now.

How were they selected? All the rosés under £10 were grouped together and tasted ‘blind’, which means that they were sampled with no prior knowledge as to their source, and each wine was given a score, and then a medal according to the result.

For the wines below, we have featured just the top performers in this price category, with all the following rosés picking up a Silver medal or higher in the competition.

With the price of rosé rising due to increasing demand – particularly for those from Provence – creating a fine pink wine for sub £10 is impressive.

It should also be noted that this mini-range of brilliant rosés features wines in a number of styles – from the very delicate to the fuller and fruitier versions, although it should also be stressed that all the wines below are dry.

And, as for a word of advice, when it comes to inexpensive rosé, the appeal comes with the fresh, bright, youthful fruit flavors, be they ripe strawberry or delicate grapefruit and white-fleshed peach. For this reason, check the vintage before you buy, and make sure it’s a newly-bottled wine – as you’ll see below, all the wines are from the 2019 harvest, which was bottled in the spring this year.

Before you buy a rosé, you can often spot an older wine if it’s been bottled in clear glass as the color can quickly lose its vibrant appearance, and may have faded from a pretty pink to a more orangey hue.

Read on to find out our recommendations for brilliant bargain rosés on sale right now, and to find out more about the Global Rosé Masters.

Dominio Del Rey Rosé

Domino Del Rey Rosé Wine is a pale petal pink rose wine from the Valdepenas region of Spain. It is produced by blending the white Airon grape with the red Cencibel grape. Domino Del Rey Rosé is believed to be the favorite wine of King Felipe IV of Spain who presided over Spain in 1621 when the Domino Del Rey Winery was founded. This rosé wine is delicate on the palate with a subtle sweetness that tantalizes the tastebuds. This delightful wine is best paired with poultry and fish.

Canaletto Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie DOC

A pale rosé with delicate flavors of peach, ripe apples and a touch of fresh citrus make this an appealing, gently fruity, dry rosé. In short, this is a clean, bright, well made, balanced, if quite simple rosé for a keen price.

Luzón Rosado Colección

A ripe fruity style of rosé with fleshy red berry fruits and a touch of strawberry jam, although the wine is dry and fresh. A youthful, clean, pleasing full-flavored rosé with a pale salmon pink appearance.

Belle Année Rosé

Just squeaking in under the £10 threshold, this good-value Provençal rosé delivers all the appealing characters that make this part of France such a hit when it comes to pink wines, from its pretty ballet shoe pink hue to its flavors of nectarine, white cherry, and pomegranate, and a lovely cleansing but soft acidity, the sort that makes your mouth water, and has you reaching for another glass a bit too soon after you’ve poured the first one.

Les Amours d’Haut Gléon

Crammed with fresh ripe juicy strawberry fruit this is an intense style of rosé compared to the norm from Provence, despite the pale pink appearance, and bone dry fresh finish.

Bericanto Rosato Vicenza DOC 2019

An aromatic rosé with masses of strawberry, grape, and apricot notes, along with a touch of white flowers, this is a pink wine with lots of personalities, and a dry, bright finish.

Côte des Roses Rosé

Although this rosé looks delicate and is certainly bone dry, it has masses of ripe, peachy fruit, even a note of sweet apricot, along with a gently chalky mouth-cleansing sensation to ensure this pink product is both delicious and refreshing.

Le Versant Grenache

A good value rosé from a high-quality and large-volume grower-cooperative in the southern French region of the Languedoc. Expect plenty of peach and strawberry fruit, and a touch of pear drop on the finish, in this pretty, dry pink wine.

B&G Côtes de Provence Tourmaline

Plenty of white-fleshed peaches and wild strawberry can be found in this light Provencal rosé with a keen price, and, while clean, fresh, and good value, it is a little firmer and lighter than more expensive options from this famous pink wine-producing region.

Guilhem Rosé

Lots of crushed ripe strawberries characterize this rosé from the famous Languedoc producer Mas de Daumas Gassac. Delivering a lovely juicy fruity character along with some red apple refreshment and a hint of fine graininess to the texture, this is a slightly more powerful alternative to the pinks from nearby Provence.

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